Deputy Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania resigns

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Deputy Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania resigns

In each country there are controversies regarding the titles and charges given to various Brethren after supporting a Grand Master. The long standing controversy regarding the Romanian Masonic panorama reaches once again a new level.

After two years the Deputy Grand Master resigned and he announced it via his Facebook account, with the title "A requested resignation." RW C. Vișoianu said that: "Today I have shown weakness. Due to problems including personal harassment I succumbed to the pressures of my colleagues from the Grand Council of the National Grand Lodge of Romania of the last months and I was asked to resign. Otherwise we are to be exposed to a public scandal that involves the judgment under Masonic customs."

The Deputy Grand Master continues by saying the following: "Out of respect for my Brethren who elected me to guide them in their work by investing me in the position of Deputy Grand Master, today, June 6th, 2012, I want to communicate you just a few things (...)."

One of the three things stated by NGLR's Deputy Grand Master is the following: "I will use the public communication channels, diplomatically and discreet as possible, but out of respect for truth - even if only my truth, because my access to the internal channels of communication in the organization was banned for nearly a year."

Ending his post on Facebook, RW Deputy Grand Master sends a message to his Brethren: "My dears, thank you for your trust and love and I hope to be understood and forgiven at this point in which I have not found the patience and strength to face these challenges."

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