APMR: The Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines celebrates today his 70th birthday

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

APMR: The Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines celebrates today his 70th birthday

Danilo D. Angeles, who saw the light of day on February 20, 1943 in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija, is the eldest in a brood of10 born in an era when the term “Family Planning” had not yet been coined. His father was a small town tailor who could hardly afford to send his children to college, but to Danilo poverty was not a bar to a college diploma; it was just a handicap which he could overcome with industry and perseverance.

After finishing high school, he hitched a ride to Manila to pursue his dream. The next years saw him doing menial jobs as janitor, furniture shop helper, service station attendant, where the hours were long and the wages low. However, the kindness of people he hardly knew lightened his load. Thus, one school president allowed him to pay his tuition fee on installment as well as his ROTC uniform. Later in life, he would discover that his benefactor was a Mason - Gonzalo T. Vales, PM of Pintong Bato Lodge No. 51.

Angeles failed to realize his dream of getting a diploma in Civil Engineering. Ever the realist, he shifted to Geodetic Engineering. He finished his course in 1965, and placed fifth in the Board examinations given that same year. Angeles started sub-contracting jobs for established geodetic engineers, and before long he established a name for himself in his chosen profession. Ably assisted by his wife, Angeling, the former Angelita Escuadro Javier, Angeles later branched out to real estate brokering.

As a Geodetic Engineer Danilo was elected by his peers as a member of the Board of Directors of their association and, in 1994, they honored him as the Most Outstanding Geodetic Engineer in private practice in Central Luzon.

Danilo joined the Masonic brotherhood in 1975 at Cabanatuan Lodge No 53. After four years he was elected Master of his lodge. Thereafter he was tapped by the Grand Lodge to serve a Senior Grand Steward, Junior Grand Lecturer and Senior Grand Lecturer. By 1995 he was Grand Master.

During Danilo’s tenure in the Grand East, Masonic activities were balanced by efforts to rationalize the administration of the Grand Lodge. All administrative positions were classified and provided with their respective job descriptions. Salaries were standardized on the basis of a new Salary Grade Structure. A Code of Ethics for employees was also adopted.

But of all his achievements as Grand Master, his theme, “By our Acts Shall Masonry be Judged” is perhaps the one that will be remembered for a long time. A gentle admonition to all Masons to be ever conscious of their acts, the theme expresses an eternal verity that will remain valid and relevant for as long as Masonry exists. This is perhaps the reason why Grand Master Samuel B. Walker of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut personally asked for Danilo in 1996 to allow his Grand Lodge to use the same theme.

Danilo is an active member of the Supreme Council 33° of the A&ASR of the Republic of the Philippines and is the SGIG for East Central Luzon. He is also an active member of the Order of DeMolay and a Life Member of the Royal Order of Scotland. He is, moreover, an Honorary Member of ten lodges in the Philippines, one in the United State and one in Australia.

The union of Angeles, and his lovely wife, Angelita, is blessed with three children: George, a civil engineer now married to the former Elvira Enriquez, a University Accountant, Mary Jane, a BSBA graduate now married to Rogelio Bustos Jr. and Mary Ann Nanette, a BSCCS graduate. He has four grandchildren, Geoffrey Adrian and Gedrick Elvin, Monicka Faye and Georginne Angela.

Angeles is a superb athlete. He is a class “A” tennis player and has won several tournaments. A health buff, he regularly lifts weights.

Aside from his Masonic membership Danilo holds membership in the Rotary Club, the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines, Inc., the YMCA , the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and the Nueva Ecija Tennis Association. In 1997, during the celebration of Cabanatuan City’s 47th founding anniversary as a chartered city, he was chosen as the “Most Outstanding Citizen of Cabanatuan City”.

Taken from the official website of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

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