Saturday 22 October 2016

Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges: there is no World Government

At the end of last month, Radu BĂLĂNESCU, Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, granted an interview. One of the first questions was regarding the rare interviews given by him. He said that he does not like in any way extremely common occurrences and that discretion does not mean anything secret, it means common sense, informs the Masonic Agency.

Asked if there is a World Government, the Executive Secretary stated: NO! In Masonic terms no! He also said that there is no institutional link between Freemasonry and the Bilderberg, except in cases when certain members of this group are also Freemasons. In other context he stated that those attacking the Church are against the good of the country. He said that he is a good Christian: I'm a very good Orthodox Christian, I go, I worship, pray each time (...).

Other topics discussed were those related to health, the importance of media, social tranquility, discipline, rigor, regionalism in the European Union context etc. The interview was the most extensive and complex interview granted by BĂLĂNESCU. He was elected Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges during the Annual Assembly in Bucharest. He is also Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania and his second mandate at the helm of Romanian Freemasonry will end next year.

Dies the founder of Women's Freemasonry in Uruguay: Alicia Toyos

The founder of Women's Freemasonry in Uruguay died last week in Montevideo. The news was announced with grief by the Masonic AgencyLast week passed away the first Grand Master of Feminine Freemasonry in Uruguay, Alicia Margarita TOYOS YANEZ. She was the one who founded, along with other members of the Craft the first Feminine Grand Lodge in history of this country, with the support of the Feminine Grand Lodge of Chile. Her death left the family in grief, as well the Masonic community in Uruguay and in Latin America. In her memory, the Masonic Agency decreed on 14, 15 and 16 October 2016 days of mourning. Alicia TOYOS was the only woman who held the title of Honorary Member of the Masonic Agency and was an ally of the principles promoted by the Masonic Agency. At the beginning of the ordinary session of the Council today it was held a moment of silence, and the President stated: God also needs good people!

Alicia Toyos was the founder of the Feminine Grand Lodge of Uruguay and it was preparing in the following year to lay the foundation of the first AASR Feminine Supreme Council in the country. She founded the Grand Lodge with the help of the Feminine Grand Lodge of Chile and for the AASR she was receiving support form the AASR Feminine Supreme Council of France. She was close with the newly elected President of the Masonic Agency's Council and a few years ago she granted an exclusive interview to the Masonic Agency, being the first and sole woman Freemason to be interviewed by the Agency.

Excerpt from the interview: What is the relationship between the Feminine Grand Lodge of Uruguay and the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry of Uruguay? And how does this bilateral relationship manifests? The relationship between the two mentioned Obediences is one of respect, cordiality outside the Temple and joint social work.

Friday 21 October 2016

10th anniversary o the Grand Lodge of Cyprus

This year, on 29 October 2016 the Grand Lodge of Cyprus will celebrate a decade of existence. Cypriot ties with Freemasonry dates back more than two centuries. The first documents are found Larnaca, the main port on the island at the time. The first Masonic Lodge in Cyprus was founded in the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. Cypriot Lodges are currently working in Greek, English, German and Italian. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cyprus is Most Worshipful Petros S. Machalepis. The Masonic Ceremony will take place at Famagusta Gate, built in 1567 by the Venetians. The event will be attended by guests from Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Communication from the United Grand Lodges of Serbia

Last week a Masonic organization from Serbia sent a note of information with the title: To all regular Masonic Jurisdictions worldwide! We are talking about the United Grand Lodges of Serbia. Bellow we present their official communication:

One year ago, at the Special Annual Assembly of the UGLS, held on 05/20/ 2015, sitting Grand Master of the UGLS, Bro. Petar Radonjanin, and certain number of his supporters were expelled from the membership of UGLS, after found guilty of un-masonic conduct. At the same Special Convocation, MW Bro. Vladimir S. Markovic, PGM, was appointed pro-tem Grand Master, until the next Regular Annual Convocation and election of the new Grand Master.

In the following year, expelled Brothers, led by expelled GM, tried to renounce the legitimacy of the decisions of the Grand Assembly by several illegal actions. After failed attempt to use name of the UGLS, they registered with Serbian authorities an organization with the similar name to the UGLS called “Alliance of the UGLS “ ( SUVLS); published website with similar domain name to official website of the UGLS; published Masonic Magazine with the same name as the official UGLS publication “Neimar”, and tried to do anything else to represent themselves as legitimate continuation of the UGLS.

Legal process against this group of pretenders with Serbian Courts proved legitimacy of the UGLS, but in spite of Courts decisions, this group continues with their illegal activities. In the meantime, we would like to inform all Masonic Brothers worldwide of the existence of this illegal group.

United Grand Lodges of Serbia are the only legitimate Masonic body under that name in Serbia and is working regularly since 2006. Our web address never changed since our foundation ( or At the present time, the Grand Master Pro-tem is MW Vladimir S. Markovic, PGM, who will be on that function until our next regular Annual Convocation.

United Grand Lodges of Serbia AF&AM

For all further information you can contact
the Office of the Grand Secretary at

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Former President of Chile and the Most Worshipful Grand Master in a debate on the future of the Republic

In past years the Grand Lodge of Chile (regular) started to be publicly involved in Chile's future. The prosperity of the population, education issued and social and cultural affairs were just a few of the themes of its public conferences, initiatives etc. A recent news released by the Masonic Agency shows the high level of the involvement of Chilean Freemasonry in the Republic's daily life and its future.

The Grand Lodge of Chile organized a conference last month having as special guest the former President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera. The event took place on September 5 at the Temple of the Grand Lodge. The conference was moderated by Cecelia Perez, former Minister General Secretary of Government. The event was attended by Grand Lodge members, former ministers, President of the Supreme Court, Grand Master Luis Riveros etc.

Sebastián Piñera began his speech by saying: "Hello! I would like to salute my colleague Professor Mr. Luis Riveros. I was professor at the University of Chile before you! But you have been Vice-Chancellor. I still do not give up this aspiration, just as you still do not give up yours of being President of Chile".

The Grand Master intervened and emphasized the importance of the middle class and said that there should be a dialogue to build ideas. Former President Piñera said that the society must achieve three main principles: liberty, equality (equity) and progress.

"Freedom... what is it? It means that each person to be as possible as he/she can their own Great Architect of his/her life. To feel that he/she is the ruler of his/her life and not just a Mason who puts a stone upon another; and no another one to be the architect who sketched his/her life project", stated Sebastián Piñera.

David A. Glattly to be Grand Commander of the Northern Jurisdiction

foto: Scottish Rite, NMJ
The election of David A. Glattly in the office of Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Jurisdiction will take place during the Annual Communication of Rochester in 2017. The announcement was made by the current Sovereign Grand Commander, John William McNaughton, who will retire in August 2017, according to the Masonic Agency. The same source mentions that Glattly is a member of the Craft of over 40 years, he was raised a Master Mason in Clifton Lodge #203 in 1975 and was Worshipful Master in 1995. Also in 1998 he was Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. Glattly became an honorary member of the Supreme Council in 2000 in Pittsburgh and an active member in 2002 in Boston. He is a member of several Masonic organizations.

According to the SUPREME COUNCIL, 33° NORTHERN MASONIC JURISDICTION, Brother Glattly and his wife Monica live in Hawthorne, New Jersey. They have two children, son Matthew and daughter Jessica“To our valued members and Brothers,” said Commander McNaughton, “I could not be more pleased to inform you that the Supreme Council’s nominating committee has named David Glattly as your next Sovereign Grand Commander. Brother Glattly has been an active and honored Freemason for more than 40 years, and a member of the Scottish Rite for nearly three decades. Our fraternity will be led by a good man who serves from his heart. He will shoulder great responsibility with intelligence, experience, dedication, and grace.”

The appointment of Brother Glattly marks the first time a new Scottish Rite leader has been announced a year prior to taking office. “These are challenging times for Freemasonry,” said Commander McNaughton. “Your Scottish Rite leadership and I feel it is important to have a thorough and seamless transition for our Fraternity.” Commander McNaughton and Brother Glattly will consult together over the next 12 months to continue the work “we began a decade ago—shifting the priorities of Northern Masonic Jurisdiction back to caring for our members, and bringing compassion to the forefront of our Fraternity,” he said.