June 2014

Sunday 29 June 2014

Seychelles: 25 years of Freemasonry

Located in the Indian Ocean, whose capital, Victoria, lies some 1,500 kilometers (932 mi) east of mainland Southeast Africa, northeast of the island of Madagascar, the republic of Seychelles has its own Masonic community and this year they celebrated 25 years of Freemasonry, as reported by the Masonic Press Agency in one of its reports send to all its foreign collaborators.

The first masonic Lodges was founded 25 years ago and this year's ceremony was conducted by Jayantilal Keshavji Chande, District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of East Africa (covering the jurisdictions of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Seychelles). This District Grand Lodge gathers around 3000 Freemasons spread in 49 Masonic Lodges. In the country there are 3 Lodges composed of 90 Brethren Freemasons: Seychelles Lodge, Mt Simpson Lodge and Installed Masters Lodge. The event was attended by Freemasons from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Head of Freemasons in Chile met with the country's President to talk about the current political agenda

In a news issued by the Masonic Press Agency a few days ago we learned that the Grand Master of Chile held official talks with Chile's President Michelle Bachellet. According to the same source, they discussed, among other things, the current political agenda. According to the official agenda, the meeting was supposed to last for 30 minutes, but it took more than an hour. The Grand Master asked the Catholic Church to disclose interests regarding public education in Chile.

Lawyer and Historian of Freemasonry to assume the office of Grand Master of Argentina

Two days ago was elected a new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Argentina. Nicolas Breglia, lawyer and historian of Freemasonry, will assume the three years term as Grand Master, succeeding Angel Jorge Clavero at the head of Argentine Freemasonry.

According to the Masonic Press AgencyBreglia is an Argentine lawyer and historian of Freemasonry. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, a former adviser to several unions and is the author of several books on Freemasonry. The installation ceremony will take place on June 28, 2014 in Buenos Aires.

Grand Lodge of Ireland restored GLNF's Masonic recognition

Last week during its Annual Communication the Grand Lodge of Ireland restored GLNF's Masonic recognition. French Freemasons hope that tomorrow UGLE shall grant recognition and following that the Grand Lodge of Scotland to do the same. UGLE's QC takes place tomorrow and the announcement regarding the French National Grand Lodge will be communicated officially in a few days if not on 11 June 2014.