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Grand Master of Cuba sends a worldwide message to the Masonic Grand Lodges: we ask them to support this important proposal in the belief that we can put together new bases and precedents of the unity and Brotherhood

At the end of the interview granted for the Masonic Press Agency, Most Worshipful Evaristo Rubén Gutiérrez Torres says the following: "To all the other regular Masonic Powers in amity with us we ask them to support this important proposal in the belief that we can put together new bases and precedents of the unity and brotherhood."

Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba grants a historic and exclusive interview to the Masonic Press Agency on the issue of the reunification of Cuban Freemasons

On 28 October 2013, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba, Most Worshipful Evaristo Rubén Gutiérrez Torres granted a historic and exclusive interview to the Masonic Press Agency on the issue of the reunification of Cuban Freemasons. The interview was conducted in Spanish and translated into English, Portuguese and Romanian. There is also a PDF version of the interview available only for Grand Lodges and Masonic institutions.

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Mauritius has signed a cooperation agreement with the Order of Malta

On 12 October 2013 was signed the cooperation agreement between the Sovereign Order of Malta (represented by Jean-Pierre Mazery, Grand Chancellor) and Mauritius (represented by Arvin Boolell, Minister for Foreign Affairs).

On this occasion, the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Malta was received by the President, His Excellency Mr. Kailash Purryag, the Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolamşi and by the Health Minister Lormus Bundhoo. Mauritius and the Order of Malta maintains diplomatic relations since 1977.

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Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Chaplain of the United States Senate) attended the Stated Communication of the Naval Lodge #4

At the stated communication of the Naval Lodge #4, on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 6:30pm,  The Naval Lodge Hall in Washington DC the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Ret.) held a speech on the topic of charity. 

The stated communication was an open event attended by members of the Craft and friends. Rear Admiral Barry C. Black was elected the 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate. He began working in the Senate on July 7, 2003. Prior to coming to Capitol Hill, Chaplain Black served in the U.S. Navy for over twenty-seven years, ending his distinguished career as the Chief of Navy Chaplains.

Rear Admiral Barry C. Black, USN (Ret.) (born November 1, 1948) is the 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate. He was elected to this position on June 27, 2003, becoming the first African American and the first Seventh-day Adventist to hold this office. The Senate elected its first chaplain in 1789. He served for over 27 years as a chaplain in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of rear admiral and ending his career as the Chief of Chaplains of the United States Navy, the senior chaplain of the United States Navy Chaplain Corps. He officially retired from the Navy on August 15, 2003.

During the 16 day United States federal government shutdown of 2013, his invocations began to garner widespread national attention. On Oct. 1, the first day of the shutdown, he prayed for divine guidance to, “strengthen our weakness, replacing cynicism with faith and cowardice with courage.” On Oct. 3, he prayed, “Save us from the madness. We acknowledge our transgressions, our shortcomings, our smugness, our selfishness and our pride... Deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable.”

Monday 14 October 2013

Unification of Cuban Freemasonry on its path

After more than half a century of division Cuban Freemasons are on their path towards the unification process. The Masonic Press Agency announced yesterday that the Scottish Cathedral in Havana hosted the meeting between the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba and the Grand Master of the Gran Lodge of Cuba in Exile. The event took place in the presence of the Sovereign Grand Commander, this being the first official step towards the unification of Cuban Freemasons.

According to the same source, Evaristo Rubén Gutiérrez Torres and Moris Bosakewish Varon are considering that it is important to approach Cuban Freemasons from the United States and Cuba, and was the Sovereign Grand Commander's Masonic tour in the U.S., that aid the foundation for this cooperation. As a first action, the Sovereign Grand Commander proposed to be recognized the work and dedication of the Cuban "Patriarch"  in exile, Brother Armando Salas Amaro.

According to the AASR Supreme Council of Cuba, the Grand Master in exile, MW Moris Bosakewish Varon asked for one of the national flags of Cuba from the Grand Temple of Freemasons' Hall in Havana not as a gift but to be guarded by the Grand Lodge of Cuba in Exile (United States of America).

A Grand Master Mason from Italy asks Pope Francis "to put an end to the gaps that still sustain a wall" between the two institutions

One (of the many) Italian Grand Master, Gian Franco Pilloni sent a letter to the leader of the Holy See asking Pope Francis  "to put an end to the gaps that still sustain a wall" between the two institutions: the Craft and the Catholic Church.

In the letter sent Thursday to the Pope, Gian Franco Pilloni (leading one of the UMSOI's branches in Italy) said that "Your Holiness I am writing to you to make a humble request to act for ending the divisions that stand between the relations of the Catholic Church with Freemasonry, hoping that finally will reign the just peace between the two nstitutions, ending tthe gaps that still sustain a wall."

For the record, Pilloni's UMSOI split from Simonetti's UMSOI and those Masonic Grand Lodges have nothing to do with the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy (recognized by UGLE) nor the Grand Orient of Italy (host of the XXIV Conference of Grand Secretaries and Chancellor of Europe).

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"Templar Nation" | The story of the Templar Nation

Archaeological Professor William Sinclair (Richard Dutcher) is deeply troubled by the recent murder of his dear friend Alfred (Erik Estrada). When Sinclair and his team unearth a 13th Century Templar tomb, he enlists his estranged son (Joseph James) who is a medieval weaponry specialist and expert swordsman, to understand the find. 

Mystery and danger quickly surround the group as they follow a map found on Templar sword. With the blood thirsty Plaga in close pursuit, the team quickly realizes their lives are in danger as they are chased into a mysterious cave containing numerous relics of the Knights Templar. Thrown into an ancient blood- feud they must navigate through a formerly hidden realm; following the ancient path of the Knight's Templar. Mystery and danger abound in this exciting adventure - discover "Templar Nation".

"The Freemason" starring Sean Astin | A wealthy banker lies ritualistically

The banker's daughter and only heir, Rana (Alex McKenna), calls upon Cyrus Rothwell (Randy Wayne), a brilliant freelance writer, to assist in the investigation. Teaming up with veteran homicide detective Leon Weed (Sean Astin), they suddenly find themselves thrust into the cryptic world of Freemasonry - pitted against a killer searching for a legendary relic, shrouded by hundreds of years of myth and mystery.

Freemasons Sheldon Lombard (Richard Dutcher) and Jericho Beck (Joseph James) decide to help Cyrus while teaching him about Masonic history, Rothwell's troubles multiply as he deduces the killer is one of the banker's close inner circle. With an inheritance of millions hanging in the balance, everyone is a suspect and every action perceived as motive. Rothwell's path becomes even more cloudy as his relationship with the beautiful heiress dances on the edge of charm and collusion. Cyrus begins to realize that if he does not solve the case soon he might be the next victim.

Cyrus is forced to come to grips with powers beyond his natural senses as well as his own mysterious past ties to Freemasonry in order to unmask the killer before they strike again.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

The leader of the French Grand Chapter resigns as the French Masonic scandal continues

Michel Descours resigned as Supreme Grand Commander of the French Grand Chapter. French Brethren suppose (for the moment rumors) that the reason was the pressure of the Sovereign Grand Commander of France and the Grand Master of GL-AMF. Brother Descours was recently reelected with a large majority in May this year.

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Brother Francesco Siniscalchi, symbol of fight against P2 Lodge, died

The Masonic Press Agency informs that on 24 September 2013 the Brother Francesco Siniscalchi died. He entered Freemasonry in 1951 at 23 years old and was among those exposing, criticizing and fighting against Licio Gelli and P2 Lodge actions of corruption when the P2 Lodge scandal flooded the Italian, European and International Masonic life. Italian Freemasonry is in mourning due to his departure to the Eternal Lodge.

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Installation Address by the Deputy for the Province of Ghana (Dr. Nii Adjetey Bonnie Andrews, 33°) in the presence of Sovereign Grand Commander J. M. Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet, 33°

Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander, V. Ill. and Illus. Brethren, E. and P. Companions,

I must confess that I am humbled by the presence of such a large number of members of our Order in this Temple tonight particularly by the presence of the Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander.

The Masonic Temple, Achimota holds a special place in my heart; to the best of our knowledge, it is the only purpose built Masonic temple on a school compound in the world.

It was in this Temple that my father was installed as the 21st Master of his Mother Lodge. Since 1993, two of my younger siblings and I have been brought to Masonic Light here; two of us have also been installed Master in this very place.

Another happy coincidence was that both V. Ill. Bro. ECT Amui, Administrator of the Province of Ghana and I were raised MM on the same day in May 1996 in this Temple.

Indeed, as a thirteen year old pupil at Achimota, I had watched totally enthralled as a large Masonic procession lead by the Grand Master Mason and with a full piece police marching band wound its way with great solemnity from the summit of the Outlaws’ Hill to this very site for the Foundation Stone Laying ceremony in 1971. 

To have arrived here tonight with so little and from so little but in the company of such an eminent group of masons, one can only prostrate himself in adoration and thanksgiving before the blinding majesty of Him who is the Great Architect of Heaven and Earth while supplicating the eternal mediation of the Ever Blessed Rose for continuous blessings from the inexhaustible store.

We pray for grace to enable us to perform our duties - which are to work, reflect and pray; to hope, trust and believe; to teach the truths that are hidden in allegory and concealed by the symbols of Freemasonry. 

In short, to dispense light and knowledge and to practice the Masonic virtues.

Therefore, it is with the greatest humility that I offer my most profound personal gratitude to each individual Brother and Companion for your attendance and support on this day the 14th September, 2013.

Your spontaneous and enthusiastic display of fraternal affection forcibly reminds me of the motto of our 14th degree - the Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason. It simply states, “Those whom virtue unites, death shall not separate”. (VIRTUS JUNXIT MORS NON SEPARABIT).

I salute you all and especially V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Eid, Past Deputy for the Province and V. Ill. Bro. John Lawson, Past Administrator for their wise counsel and support during our recent transition phase.

To our Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander and M. Ill. Bro. Grand Secretary General, on behalf of the Province of Ghana, I extend to you the most cordial welcome to our country; it is our fervent hope that this shall be first of numerous future visits.

Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander, I owe you an eternal debt of gratitude for agreeing to travel to Ghana solely to install me as Deputy of the Province. 

It is a most gracious gesture on your part; one which will never fade from my thoughts.

We of the Province of Ghana are confident that with your guidance and support we shall build with devotion to the service of God while promoting the welfare of man.

And now as a token of our fidelity and to mark this happy occasion, the Province of Ghana wishes to present to you - Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander and M. Ill. Grand Secretary General a memento of your visit.

I now respectfully invite V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Samir Eid 33°, past Deputy of the Province of Ghana to make the presentation.

Most Powerful Sovereign Grand Commander, M. Ill. Grand Secretary General and Brethren, I thank you most sincerely for your kind attention.

V. Ill. Bro. Dr. Nii Adjetey Bonney Andrews, 33°
Deputy for the Province of Ghana

Monday 23 September 2013

Brother George Adotey Richter-Addo Baffour, B.Sc, M.Phil aka SoulKnight-Jazz

He was born in Accra, the capital city of Ghana in West Africa, on September 10th,1980. Known more as a popular actor and independent musician in Ghana, he rose to fame as one of the stars of the revolutionary ‘Adams Apples’ saga, shot in Ghana and the UK by Sparrow Productions, and directed by famed female director Shirley Frimpong-Manso.

George A.R-A Baffour is an oceanographer and fisheries scientist by training and holds a B.Sc in Oceanography and Fisheries (2004) from the University of Ghana, as well as a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in Fisheries Science (2009) from his alma mater. He has held several positions in various scientific agencies and consultancies, including the Water Research Institute (WRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), where he was an Assistant Research Scientist.

Rise to Fame

In 2009, George A.R-A Baffour wrote the science-fiction/fantasy novel ‘Bubble Joe and his fantastic journeys to Zapokrepit in the Land of the Day and a Half’. The novel is published under Lulu Press and is available on Amazon.

In 2010, under the stage name SoulKnight-Jazz, he wrote two songs that were included in the soundtrack for the 2010 film ‘6 Hours to Christmas’ – the movie which also introduced him to audiences as an actor. This was his first movie role and he played the CEO. The movie was produced by Sparrow Productions.

In 2011, SoulKnight-Jazz was on the cinema screen again in another Sparrow Productions project – the ‘Adams Apples’ movie series – playing the role of Chris Smith, husband to Baaba Adams (played by esteemed Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro). This was the movie role that catapulted him into the limelight and endeared him to Ghanaian and West African audiences at home and in the Diaspora, especially Nigeria and UK.

2012 was another great year, seeing George take on the quirky role of the eccentric CEO, ‘Skipper’, in the maiden and second seasons of the ‘Ogya FM’ television comedy series: a project produced by Sapphire Productions and spearheaded by the famous Ghanaian comedian and TV personality, Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM).

2013 saw a return to Sparrow Productions as he reprised the role of Chris Smith in the smashing 2nd season of Adams Apples, this time adapted as a TV series.

SoulKnight-Jazz is an independent musician and has released two singles available on iTunes, 'So Good Together' and 'I'm still in Love with You, Girl', and his first album ‘Azonto New World Order’. The title track ‘Azonto New World Order’ is a dance take on the recent Azonto music craze sweeping through West Africa. SoulKnight-Jazz’s musical roots are diverse ranging from deep R&B and Soul to House.

Masonic Career

Brother George A. Richter-Addo Baffour is a member of Orbis Lodge #9334 EC and was initiated into Freemasonry on 28th May, 2011, passed on 27th August 2011, and raised to the degree of a Master Mason on 19th November 2011. On 24th November 2011, he was appointed Senior Deacon of the Lodge for the 2012/2013 administration.

Brother Baffour was exalted into the Chapter of Perfection #8559 EC of the Holy Royal Arch on 5th March, 2012, and was perfected on 13th May, 2013 into Lily of the Valley Rose Croix Chapter # 1131 under the Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England, Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas. 

Personal Principles

George A. R-A Baffour, being a versatile person, is an advocate of education and intellectual pursuits, as well as the development of talents. His love of acting serves him well in his Masonic career.

An article published with the support of the Masonic Press Agency which thanks to Brother Ekow O. and Brother George A. Richter-Addo Baffour for their support and collaboration. For more details we encourage all Brethren to visit the YouTube official channel and official website of our Brother George A. Richter-Addo Baffour.

Sadio Lamine SOW elected Most Worshipful Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Mali

The Masonic Press Agency announces that on 12 September 2013 the Grand Masters of Ghana (Otwasuom Osae NYAMPONG VI) and Togo (Kossi R. PAASS) gathered to analyze the situation within the National Grand Lodge of Mali (Gande Loge Nationale Malienne). They have studied carefully all the documents (Constitution and General Regulations) and have concluded that the new elected Grand Master of Mali, Most Worshipful Sadio Lamine SOW, was elected according to Masonic rules and the Constitution of his Grand Lodge.

Brother Sow is one of the central pillars of the Bamako Government (number 2 in the Government), serving as Minister of State, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. He was also the personal adviser to the President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré.

Born on August 9, 1952, in Kayes, Sadio Lamine Sow graduated from the University of Paris X Nanterre, obtaining a degree in modern letters and a certificate in political studies. Sow is a known communication expert, reporter, journalist etc. He is passionate about reading and swimming.

Source of the private data: APMR's Secretariat General

The Masonic Press Agency will withdraw from Mexico invoking the excessive politicization of the Craft

According to APMR, on September 21, 2013, was adopted the #1/2013/6013 Resolution which sets APMR's withdrawal from the United Mexican States, invoking the excessive politicization of the Craft in this country and the use of the image of Freemasonry in personal and political propaganda purposes.

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Daniel KELLER | Grand Orient of France's PS. Not postscript but Partie Socialiste

The Masonic Press Agency announces through a institutional communication that the newly elected Grand Master of GOdF is Daniel Keller. A new elected Grand Master in France might chance the issues between the Grand Lodge of France and the Grand Orient of France, the largest masonic organization on continental Europe. Difficult to say if things will take the mentioned path...

Daniel KELLER (54 years old), father of three, Freemason for over 17 years, was initiated in Vérité - Ni Dieu Ni Maître Lodge, Paris.He was member of the Order's Council and presided over GOdF's General Assembly. Keller was also President of the Lodges of his region, composing Parisian Lodges and Lodges from Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland and Macedonia. By this, Eastern Europe will probably receive his Masonic attention. On the other hand Keller knows the international affairs of GOdF's Masonic interests.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

William G. Sizemore, 33° Past Sovereign Grand Commander Honoris Causa of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America

Another important momentous event took place at the 2013 Biennial session in Washington this Monday:   William G. Sizemore, 33°, became the first Past Sovereign Grand Commander Honoris Causa of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. He has served as Grand Executive Director of the Supreme Council, office currently occupied by his son.

 Gene Sizemore 33° has announced on Monday his withdrawal from the Supreme Council in Washington. Sizemore received from the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Jurisdiction the highest award, Sizemore being the first ever Freemason alive receiving the medal of the Northern Jurisdiction.

Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States grants recognition to the United Supreme Council Prince Hall affiliation for the Southern Jurisdiction

As the 2013 Biennial session of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction was held on Monday morning at Hilton Hotel in Washington, history has been written once again: Ronald. A Seale, 33°, presented to Sovereign Grand Commander Illustrious Deary Vaughn, 33°, the recognition letter. Therefore, the Prince Hall affiliation United Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction was fully recognized.

According to the Masonic Press Agency, "It's something we have had done a long time ago," said Ronald A. Seale before making an historic announcement. At the ceremony in Washington, today August 26, 2013, Sovereign Grand Commander Seale handed over a letter of recognition to the Prince Hall Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction.

The same source mentions that:  Also, another announcement was made by the Sovereign Grand Commander for the Northern Jurisdiction: if the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction recognizes Prince Hall Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction, then we will do it also. Excited to overflowing, Sovereign Grand Commander Deary Vaughn said: "I thought I would not live to see this."

Sunday 25 August 2013

RotaractMUN's report on Day 1

According to the Masonic Press Agency, one of RotaractMUN's main partners, the works of the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and Peacebuilding Commission have commenced on August 22nd, with the vast majority of the delegates present. The morning has been reserved for revisiting the Rules of Procedure inside the councils, all issues regarding the interpretation and application of said rules having been discussed and agreed within the first hour and a half.

According to RotaractMUN's Rapporteur Alexandru Anciu, the Councils then began their work on the proposed agendas: Security Council: The situation in Syria; Human Rights Council: The integration of indigenous populations in the decision making process; Peace Building Commission: The situation in the Central African Republic.

For more information on RotaractMUN's first day of work, please visit RotaractMUN's official website.

RotaractMUN | Interview with Mr Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Founder and Executive Director of PATRIR

Reporter: During RotaractMUN we debate important global issues, yet we would like to know your opinion – does our voice really count?

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen: It counts if you make it count. For it to mean something, to have an impact, you have to follow what you’re doing here with concrete actions. There is a growing global youth movement at this moment. If more and more organizations and young people get together and put their ideas in action, this can make the difference. A single ‘event’ like a conference or a meeting is not necessarily worth much on is own. It becomes important when you stay together, and then act and multiply the effect with the other organizations, in your communities, countries, and continuing to work together globally. To reach more people you should also use social media and make sure traditional media is fully involved. Many of you here at this event can use writing, videos, speaking with people to get what you’re doing here covered in your countries back home and visible to people world-wide. Also, during your days here, think about actions that you can do after the conference to multiply the effect more broadly.

Reporter: Which is the most important skill that you need as peace negotiator?

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen: Well,  like in any great field of human activity – medicine, engineering, science, art, sports – there’s not just one skill that you need. It’s a combination. Obviously, when you’re working in peacebuilding one critical skill is the ability to actual come up with and find ways to implement practical, real solutions to actual conflicts. But more than that, you need discipline. It is like in sports or medicine. To be a great ballet dancer or a great performer, or a surgeon you need discipline and practice. They learn hard before they have results. And their discipline is born of passion: they do it because they love it. And also we need an open mind and lots of creativity. There is another important thing, emotional, human intelligence. The ability to respect and understand what’s really important to people – what people care about, what people dream about, what they’re afraid of – across countries, cultures and genders. One positive thing though is that, just as in medicine or sports, we don’t need ‘one’ peaceworker. We need many people with different skills, different capacities, and able to work together. And we’re seeing this in the field. Increasing collaboration and mutual support. It is inspiring that today we do share a sense of togetherness. Your event is also a great example inspiring this.

Read the entire interview here.

Friday 23 August 2013

Ambassador of The Netherlands among the important guests at Rotaract Global Model United Nations opening ceremony

According to the Masonic Press Agency, Rotaract Global Model United Nations has official opened its doors with a great ceremony. The audience was delighted to hear the advices, the encouragements and congratulations from some of the important speakers such as: the Governor of Rotary District 2241- Marian Liviu Mocan, Ambassador of The Netherlands to Romania – H.E. Mr. Matthijs van Bonzel, Former Romanian Ambassador to Russian Federation – Dumitru Dorin Prunariu (first Romanian astronaut), Mayor of Baia Mare - Catalin Chereches, Founder and Director of PATRIR – Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, President of Rotary Baia Mare 2005 - Cristian Anghel, President of Rotary Baia Mare – Mircea Mecea etc.

Dan Ungureanu, project manager of RotaractMUN opened the ceremony by saying that “our vision, our mission is that the conference jump from country to country all over the world.” The Municipality of Baia Mare sustained this project from the very beginning. Mayor Catalin Chereches rated in his speech how important it is that different generations stays together and learn from each other. “Lots of thanks to the seniors who are here to give an example, to share their experiences. We sustained this project because is one of the elite, applied to the top of young people. Your example is very simple: you are action and not re-action.”

It was a great honor for all the audience the presence of HE Mr. Matthijs van Bonzel, Ambassador of The Netherlands to Romania: “You give me the opportunity to get out off my box, by this speech. I am proud because I am also a member of Rotary Club in Costa Rica.”

“In the international world we have to make compromise every day. Important is that people came together and find solutions to the problems. I think you are a better equip that we where. Wish you all success.”

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Historic Scottish Rite Masonic charter presented for the 200th anniversary of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in New York City

On August 5, 2013, took place a ceremonial presentation of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction charter in New York City, where the main event happened 200 years ago. Sovereign Grand Commander John Wm. McNaughton presided the ceremony.

Sovereign Grand Commander Ronald A. Seale of the Southern Jurisdiction presented the Masonic Scottish Rite Charter, in attendance of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York, other officials of the Grand Lodge, as well as several Active Members of both Masonic Jurisdictions.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Dr. Gary John Bacon was installed Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland

According to the Masonic Press Agency, Dr. Gary John Bacon became the 28th Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, after he was installed in office on 6 July 2013.

Gary worked within both the NSW Forestry Commission and the Queensland Forestry Department, rising to Assistant Commissioner and Chief Executive respectively. These were large regionalised organisations with significant challenges transitioning from traditional public sector agencies to commercial trading enterprises. These experiences, and those derived from leading the Queensland Drought Secretariat within the Department of Primary Industries, firmed the concept that performance protocols within a program management architecture were essential ingredients for effecting sustained, strategic and successful outcomes; ‘surely applicable to other hierarchical institutions, including Freemasonry’.

After having his fill of the ‘machinations and incompetence of the ruling political cadre’ Gary took to consulting and chair of the organising committee for the first world forestry congress held in the southern hemisphere; an event that brought over 2000 scientists from 90 countries to Brisbane in 2005. Currently Gary holds an adjunct Professorship within the School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences at Griffith University (named after the profile Queensland Mason and lawyer, Sir Samuel Walker Griffith PProvGM (IC)).

Gary’s journey through Masonry began at Beerwah. He was initiated into Tibrogargan Lodge in 1973 whilst resident at the local Forest Research Station. He tells the story of his boss complimenting him on the unexpected good relations that quickly developed with the Beerburrum forestry group and local orchardists. A ‘no brainer’ – farmers and forestry men made up the bulk of Tibrogargan Lodge in those days!! Gary became Master of Tibrogargan Lodge in 1981 and has been Secretary since 1995. He was SGD 1995-96 and AGSWks (1996-2000) – ‘I thoroughly enjoyed this most rewarding, interactive position within the Craft’. He joined Triple Tau Chapter in 2000.

He served on the Ritual Committee which produced the 2006 rituals. Gary was elected to the Board of General Purposes (2007-09 and again 2009-10). He served on the Ceremonial Committee and chaired the Masonic Information Committee which revised and distributed the five ‘blue’ explanatory books for inclusion in New Members kits. He assisted in the compilation of the 150 years of Queensland Freemasonry book (‘a most demanding task’) as a member of the 150 yr Celebrations Committee. His recent focus has been directed at assisting in the renewal of the Grand Library layout and systems.

Gary is passionate about the demonstrable good that Freemasonry can affect in individuals and the community alike. ‘Brand Freemasonry has been ‘formed and perfected’ over multi-generations and we, the current custodians, are obligated to value add and pass on the baton. We all bring different skills and intents to the practice of Freemasonry and it is this energetic, synergistic assemblage, where the outcome is more than the component parts, which can assure success.

Just as a welcoming forest is comprised of, and valued by the keen observer for its diversity, so we ought promulgate and affirm the value we place on the diversity of our Craft constituency. Each working member is of intrinsic value to the well being of the whole and he must be made so aware. Satisfied, enthused and valued members are the best promoters of our Order and philosophy.

Thursday 4 July 2013

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Thank you to all our 200,000 unique viewers for helping us in promoting the Craft

As Confucius said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We have started our work three years ago striving to help our Craft grow even bigger; bigger in its membership, bigger in the eyes of all those not yet Freemasons; bigger in our hearts. This is why we want to thank all of you visiting our page and Facebook Fan Page in the past three years.

We want to thank especially those of you in the United States (31%) and UK (12%), Romania (5%), Canada (4%), Germany (4%), Philippines (4%) and Australia (2%). Also to those of you from Spain, Netherlands, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, and Bulgaria (each country with 2%); and to all others of you joining us from Morocco, Paraguay, Switzerland, Ghana, Yemen, France, Indonesia, Albania, Belgium, Russia, South Africa, Portugal, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Mexico, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and New Zealand.

A special thanks to our Brethren in the Arab countries, especially the Middle East for sharing with us news and visiting our page.

Conference of European Grand Masters

During 27 to 30 June, 2013, the European Grand Masters gathered in Switzerland for their annual meeting. The event was organized by the Grand Lodge Alpina and attended by Most Worshipful Grand Masters and Representatives from Russia, Romania, Albania, England etc., including the current Swiss Grand Master (host of the conference). The event took place in Geneva.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Romanian Ambassador to the European Union receives prize from the Romanian Freemasonry

As presented last week by the Masonic Press Agency, the Romanian Ambassador to the European Union received a prize from the Romanian Freemasonry for his diplomatic activity in 2012.

Mihnea Motoc was born on 11 November 1966 in Bucharest. He is fluent in English and French. He is married to Iulia Motoc with whom he has one son, Luca-Mihnea. Motoc has been a Romanian diplomat since the early 1990s, when he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. For most of the 1990s Motoc spent time in various Romanian government posts. He joined the United Nations in 2003, where he spent five years working as the Permanent Representative of Romania. In 2008 he left the UN to become the Permanent Representative of Romania to the European Union.

Motoc studied law at the University of Bucharest from 1984 until 1989. Following this he went on to achieve a Certificate of post-graduate studies in Private International Law from the University of Nice in 1991 and a Master's Degree in Public International and Comparative Law from George Washington University a year later.

Monday 24 June 2013

222 years marking the birth of the African Grand Lodge of North America

Today marks 222 years since the foundation of the African Grand Lodge of North America. On 24 June 1791 was founded the Grand Lodge of what we now call Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. The name of "Prince Hall"was given in memory of its Most Worshipful Grand Master, Brother Prince Hall (1735-1807).

Prince Hall was an African American noted as a tireless abolitionist, for his leadership in the free black community in Boston, and as the founder of Prince Hall Freemasonry. Hall tried to gain New England’s enslaved and free blacks a place in Freemasonry, education and the military, which were some of the most crucial spheres of society in his time. Hall is considered the founder of “Black Freemasonry” in the United States, known today as Prince Hall Freemasonry. Hall formed the African Grand Lodge of North America. Prince Hall was unanimously elected its Grand Master and served until his death in 1807.  He lobbied for education rights for black children and was active in the back-to-Africa movement. Many historians regard Prince Hall as one of the prominent African-Americans during the early years of the United States.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

European AASR Supreme Councils united within the newly created Confederation of European Supreme Councils

An important event marked by the action of several European Sovereign Grand Commanders gathers now, with a common purpose, AASR bodies of Central, Western and Southern Europe. We are talking about the newly created Confederation of European Supreme Councils.

According to the Masonic Press Agency: 

The creation of the Confederation of European Supreme Councils represent a significant action of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Europe, one of the highlights since the 1875 Congress of Lausanne and until now. The new structure is committed in bringing together the European Supreme Councils, organize regular events, promote the primacy of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the sovereignty of the Supreme Councils, promote cooperation etc.

Also the same source announces that:

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of countries such as France (Jean-Luc FAUQUE, President), Germany (Eberhard DESCH, Vice President) and Romania (Constantin IANCU, Secretary-General), together with Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, engages in a project designed to support the European and Masonic ideas and values at a continental level​​.

As we can see, the three main offices are held by France, Germany and Romania, all of them members of the European Union. According to the statement issued by the AASR Grand Commanders of the 8 European countries: "The Confederation of European Supreme Councils is committed (among others) to the principles and motivations that led to the creation of the first Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in 1801."

Thursday 13 June 2013

Thursday 30 May 2013

Rotaract Global Model United Nations will take place in Romania

During August 21 to 25, 2013, Club Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare will organize the first RotaractMUN, a summit for youth with experience or interest in the field of international relations. Rotaract Global Model United Nations will be hosted by the Municipality of Baia Mare in late August, in one of Europe's fairytale regions, located in the North-West part of Romania.

MUN's are simulations where delegates (students and young professionals from all countries) assumes the role of external representatives of contemporary countries. The topics discussed range from human rights abuses to economic, military or environmental crisis.

Friday 24 May 2013

Wednesday 22 May 2013

UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: The Order of Malta has always been the UN’s faithful ally in achieving the Third Millennium Goals

Celebrating the 900th anniversary of the Pie Postulatio Voluntatis, UN's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanked the Ambassador of the Order of Malta for serving the poor, considering this Order as "UN’s faithful ally in achieving the Third Millennium Goals." Those words were addressed to Ambassador Robert L. Shafer, the Order of Malta’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Moore Tornado Disaster Relief | Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA)

Please read the attached letter for donations to disaster relief for the Moore Tornado of 20 May. The Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA) is coordinating out-of-state donations. Details for donation should be out no later than 22 May. The city of Moore has created a website for information on how to help.

Monday 20 May 2013

Friday 17 May 2013

Grand Orient of Brazil and the Grand Lodge of Washington DC reestablished fraternal relations with the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF)

According to two news issued by the Masonic Press Agency on May 1st and May 17th, 2013, the Grand Orient of Brazil and the Grand Lodge of Washington DC reestablished fraternal relations with the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF).

Several months ago GLNF began a series of reforms to restore its legitimate status within the international Masonic scene. The first step was the election of Jean-Pierre Servel in the office of Grand Master. The second step was the adoption of reforms which led to the suspension and removal of Stifani from GLNF.

As a result of these required decisions, GLNF began to reap the first fruits of its labor: Grand Orient of Brazil restored fraternal relations with GLNF (The Grand Orient of Brazil reestablishes Masonic relations with the French National Grand Lodge. GLNF and GOB put an end to the suspended relations, event occured a year ago because of the internal problems of the French National Grand Lodge. GOB's action will likely produce a chain reaction that will restore the international status of the French National Grand Lodge) and then was the turn of the Grand Lodge of Washington DC to do the same.

On May 14, 2013, the official announcement was made by GLNF's Grand Master. During the Annual Communication in Washington, the decision regarding GLNF was adopted unanimously. The impact of the decisions taken in Brasilia (in Latin America) and Washington (in North America), plus the strong position of Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Lodge of England will help GLNF this year to proudly celebrate its centenary.

Also the same source informs that: If Europe's Grand Lodges that have initiated the process of withdrawal of recognition regarding GLNF are not reacting yet as their counterparts in Washington (and in Brasilia), in the horizon arises the problem of the Supreme Council for France which will be forced to depart from the way adopted so far.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Fire at the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

According to Subic Bay News, a fire struck the ground floor of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines building at San Marcelino St., Malate, Manila, particularly the York Rite office. Over 50 OSM officers & members, led by Supremo (MW) Avelino Razon, had to orderly move out of the building through smoke-filled halls and stairways.  MW Santiago T. Gabionza, Grand Master of Masons in the Philippines, was on hand along with several other officers, to oversee the successful fire-fighting efforts.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Breaking MASONIC News from Paris, France: Past Grand Master François Stifani was kicked out of GLNF

According to a recent news issued today by the Masonic Press Agency: today, April 24, 2013, Grand Master Jean-Pierre Servel issued the 1584 Order through which Past Grand Master François Stifani was kicked out of GLNF. Therefore Stifani will not be able to attend GLNF's Masonic meetings. But what will he (F. Stifani) do?!

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges, PGS Thomas Jackson: Romania can become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe

The Masonic Press Agency informs that the Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges was interviewed by Cristian Unteanu for Adevărul Online where he talked about Romania's ability to become one of the biggest tourist attractions.

PGS Thomas Jackson said, speaking of Freemasonry that "our intention is to change the man, not the society." Also, Jackson also said that "I believe that Romania will become one of the biggest attractions on the continent when solving the problem of its infrastructure." Referring still to Romania and Romanian Freemasonry, the Executive Secretary said that in the past 15 years he saw a positive development.

Masonic Press Agency APMR: Policy statement by Grand Master Elect of Ghana, Most Worshipful Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI

Very Worshipful, Worshipful and Brethren All, I will start by expressing by my profound gratitude to the Worshipful Master of this lodge, Progressive Lodge No. 9 for giving me this opportunity to deliver my policy statement address at this great lodge.

In three weeks I will be stepping into a position of awesome authority which I could never have dreamt of when my godfather Right Worshipful Bro. J.K Acheampong, who begat Bro. Patrick Acheampong introduced me to Right Worshipful W.E. Offei, a founding member of Akwapim Lodge, who proposed me and Right Worshipful Right Worshipful Patrick Offei who seconded the proposal.
Having come this far I cannot leave the scene without adding value to the fraternity which has given so much to me. Before I go on I would like all of us here to take a moment to think about this question 'What can we do to improve our Grand Lodge?' Distinguished Brethren, I am very certain that you all agree with me that the charge of improving our Grand Lodge is a collective responsibility. 

My administration will focus on three areas for improvement

• Masonic Education
• Public Engagements
• Finances

Masonic Education

Every mason deserves to be educated, informed, tutored and mentored to the level where he will be amply equipped to hold his forte in any discussion about Masonry.

Every brother should understand and be able to explain the rudiments of masonry. It is only then that he begins to appreciate and enjoy Masonry.

It is against this backdrop that my administration has chosen to focus on Masonic Education.

We need to enhance our mentoring. The tools for Masonic education are manifold.

Grand Lodge of Ghana will designate Grand Instructors whose duties will include teaching, examining and correcting ritual work within lodges. Details of this will be communicated in due course.

Public Engagement

My Esteemed brethren why do we shy away from public engagement? In early February, I had the honour of travelling in the company of the Worshipful Master of Progressive Lodge to South Africa for an installation. At a private dinner hosted by a potential candidate, we engaged in a lively discourse of businesses recognizing our brand goodwill factor.

We carried this further with a meeting in Ghana and the result is a company agreeing to support our charity work with US$70,000 this year alone. Brethren this is a laudable beginning and I trust it will continue far beyond my term of office.

You will also by now have heard of the public lecture arranged as part of the installation program. This lecture which will be delivered by Bro. Prof Yeboah of Hippocrates lodge will be chaired by Prof. Ernest Aryeetey vice chancellor of University of Ghana who is not a mason. 

My administration will urge strongly that every brother recruits one candidate within the next three years. 

Management of Temples

In erstwhile Home Grand Lodge constitutions, Masonic Temples belonged to subordinate lodges. In our special circumstances and bearing in mind our incapability of running economic ventures we should start a debate whether our temples should be left to subordinates lodges or be registered in the name of trustees of GLOG. We all know the difficult financial circumstances at every level of lodge administration.

We need to think seriously of means of generating funds to support lodge activities and especially Charity work which permeates all fraternal societies.

From examples it is now generally accepted that the various national pension and social security schemes are inadequate to cater for decent living in Ghana we should be thinking of dedicated craft pension scheme.

The more I speak the less I have to say 11th May. I will invite you all to come administration with your suggestions.

Saturday 20 April 2013