February 2011

Sunday 20 February 2011

The already former Grand Master of the GLNF, François Stifani was repudiated by the European Regular Grand Lodges

François Stifani waiting at the gate of the Temple of Monaco: he lost the battle for power! On February 19th, 2011, took place the official ceremony of installation of the first grand lodge in Monaco under the name of the Regular National Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco. The United Grand Lodge of England and the United Grand Lodges of Germany took a firm stance and did not allow him (François Stifani) to enter the Temple.

Therefore, who headed the French delegation was Past Grand Master of GLNF, Brethren Jean-Charles Foellner. Because of the international scandal caused by Stifani, several Grand Lodges of Europe have refused to participate in this event, we must mention here the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg and the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland. The best known and firm position was that of the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, who was not present at this Masonic event.

Therefore, one can say that the last card of the Italian-born French Grand Master was played and lost, and that the regular Freemasonry of France won the fight against the political and financial Freemasonry supported by the actions of François Stifani.

In a profound catholic stat as it is the Principality of Monaco, the foundation of a Masonic Grand Lodge produced concerns among its citizens and its officials and also it is expected an official statement of the House of Monaco.

Friday 18 February 2011

Grand Masters of Africa gathered at the African Union Summit

During the 16th Summit of the African Union (January 24th to 31st, 2011) hosted by Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, the Grand Masters of Africa gathered at the event, announces the Masonic Press Agencz of Romania (APMR - Agenţia de Presă Masonică din România). The Grand Masters attended the event as elected presidents of republics over which they preside.

Among the Brtehrens who attended the event have been Ali Ondimba Bongo (Gabon), Abdoulaye Wade (Senegal) and Denis Sassou Nguesso (Congo-Brazzaville). The event was attended also by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. On this occasion, Ali Bongo Ondimba and Abdoulaye Wade expressed mutual support for a more united and prosperous Africa.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Chinese ambassador visited the Grand Lodge of Peru

At Chinese New Year, the Grand Lodge of Peru has participated in the event organized by the Embassy of China in Lima. The delegation was led by the Grand Master. The Chinese ambassador to Peru, His Excellency Mr Zhao Wuyi, paid an official visit at the Grand Lodge of Peru. The event took place on February 1st, 2011. The ambassador visited the facilities of the Grand Lodge and the Masonic museum.

Brethren Paulo César de Figueiredo is the new General Commander of the Military Police of Rondônia

Colonel Paulo César de Figueiredo (Member of the Grand Lodge of Rondônia) is the new General Commander of Military Police of the Brazilian state of Rondônia. The event was attended by an important delegation of the Grand Lodge.

Brethren Confúcio Aires Moura is the new governor of the Brazilian state of Rondônia

In December 2010 the new Governor elected was Brethren Confúcio Aires Moura who especially thanked the authorities of the Grand Lodge of Rondônia for their support. GLOMARON Grand Master attended the official ceremony of installation of the new governor who will lead the Brazilian state until December 31st, 2014.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

President José Mujica had a meeting with the Grand Master of Uruguay

The APMR/MPAR's Secretariat of Communications announced that in mid 2010, the President of Uruguay, José (Pepe) Mujica, met with Daniel Rilo, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Uruguay. The meeting took place in Torre Ejecutiva of Montevideo. The two have talked about general issues and the President promised that he would be visiting the Masonic Temple of Montevideo.