July 2013

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Dr. Gary John Bacon was installed Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland

According to the Masonic Press Agency, Dr. Gary John Bacon became the 28th Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, after he was installed in office on 6 July 2013.

Gary worked within both the NSW Forestry Commission and the Queensland Forestry Department, rising to Assistant Commissioner and Chief Executive respectively. These were large regionalised organisations with significant challenges transitioning from traditional public sector agencies to commercial trading enterprises. These experiences, and those derived from leading the Queensland Drought Secretariat within the Department of Primary Industries, firmed the concept that performance protocols within a program management architecture were essential ingredients for effecting sustained, strategic and successful outcomes; ‘surely applicable to other hierarchical institutions, including Freemasonry’.

After having his fill of the ‘machinations and incompetence of the ruling political cadre’ Gary took to consulting and chair of the organising committee for the first world forestry congress held in the southern hemisphere; an event that brought over 2000 scientists from 90 countries to Brisbane in 2005. Currently Gary holds an adjunct Professorship within the School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences at Griffith University (named after the profile Queensland Mason and lawyer, Sir Samuel Walker Griffith PProvGM (IC)).

Gary’s journey through Masonry began at Beerwah. He was initiated into Tibrogargan Lodge in 1973 whilst resident at the local Forest Research Station. He tells the story of his boss complimenting him on the unexpected good relations that quickly developed with the Beerburrum forestry group and local orchardists. A ‘no brainer’ – farmers and forestry men made up the bulk of Tibrogargan Lodge in those days!! Gary became Master of Tibrogargan Lodge in 1981 and has been Secretary since 1995. He was SGD 1995-96 and AGSWks (1996-2000) – ‘I thoroughly enjoyed this most rewarding, interactive position within the Craft’. He joined Triple Tau Chapter in 2000.

He served on the Ritual Committee which produced the 2006 rituals. Gary was elected to the Board of General Purposes (2007-09 and again 2009-10). He served on the Ceremonial Committee and chaired the Masonic Information Committee which revised and distributed the five ‘blue’ explanatory books for inclusion in New Members kits. He assisted in the compilation of the 150 years of Queensland Freemasonry book (‘a most demanding task’) as a member of the 150 yr Celebrations Committee. His recent focus has been directed at assisting in the renewal of the Grand Library layout and systems.

Gary is passionate about the demonstrable good that Freemasonry can affect in individuals and the community alike. ‘Brand Freemasonry has been ‘formed and perfected’ over multi-generations and we, the current custodians, are obligated to value add and pass on the baton. We all bring different skills and intents to the practice of Freemasonry and it is this energetic, synergistic assemblage, where the outcome is more than the component parts, which can assure success.

Just as a welcoming forest is comprised of, and valued by the keen observer for its diversity, so we ought promulgate and affirm the value we place on the diversity of our Craft constituency. Each working member is of intrinsic value to the well being of the whole and he must be made so aware. Satisfied, enthused and valued members are the best promoters of our Order and philosophy.

Thursday 4 July 2013

Wednesday 3 July 2013

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Conference of European Grand Masters

During 27 to 30 June, 2013, the European Grand Masters gathered in Switzerland for their annual meeting. The event was organized by the Grand Lodge Alpina and attended by Most Worshipful Grand Masters and Representatives from Russia, Romania, Albania, England etc., including the current Swiss Grand Master (host of the conference). The event took place in Geneva.