March 2013

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Sunday 24 March 2013

King Abdullah II of Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood a "Masonic cult"

One might consider that we are talking about a bad joke. In fact we are talking about a statement of the Jordanian "pro-Western" King Abdullah II. As the power and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood reaches more and more Islamic countries of the Middle East, rumors spread (most of them influenced by conspiracy theorists) that this association have ties with the Craft.

The Masonic Press Agency informed that Jordanian State Television expressed the official position of the Royal House by denying it and said that the statements of the King were taken out of context. The strongest Arab ally of the US in the Middle East (regarding the relations between Israelis and Palestiniand), King Abdullah II received the visit of Obama a few days ago.

Grand Master Duke of Kent to recover after mild stroke

The Most Worshipful The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, HRH Duke of Kent remains in hospital after suffering a mild stroke this week.

The Queen's cousin and brother of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Masons, Prince of Kent was recently reelected (during March UGLE's Quarterly Annual Communication) in the office of Grand Master which he holds since 1967.

Freemasons of Italy and Argentina express their joy with the enthronement of Pope Francis

Two official Masonic statements following Pope Francis' election and enthronement express the joy of the Grand Masters of Argentina and Italy regarding the future changes within the Catholic Church and Vatican. We are talking about Angel Jorge Clavero of the Grand Lodge of Argentina and Gustavo Raffi of the Grand Orient of Italy.

According to the Masonic Press Agency, the Grand Lodge of Argentina officially welcomed the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the Pope of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican. Argentinian Grand Master Angel Jorge Clavero considers that this appointment brought recognition to Argentine nation.

The same source mentions that The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy expressed his joy regarding the election of Pope Francis. Raffi stated that: "With the election of Pope Francis nothing will ever be the same again."

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Freemasons attending Pope Francis' enthronement as Vatican's Sovereign

He is not the first Catholic Pope to have Brethren attending his enthronement ceremony after being elected ruler of the Vatican State and spiritual leader of the Roman-Catholic Church. This is not a news for those feeling the need to consider it a conspiracy theory.

Many of those attending the important event (both social and ecumenical - due to Patriarch Bartholomew's presence and of that of other Orthodox Churches ) were there as Ambassadors, Heads of State (Sovereigns and Presidents) and Government etc. Also the Grand Master of Malta was there, as the Sovereign Order of Malta is part of Rome's Chivalric Orders. Of all those in St. Peter's square one of the guests (head of state) is Most Worshipful Grand Master of a Grand Lodge.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Electing Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis I at 187 years since the anti-Masonic Quo Graviora Papal Bull

The Catholic Church and the sovereign state of Vatican have now a new leader: Pope Francis I, an Argentine Cardinal and former Archbishop of Buenos Aires. The new Pope is of Italian origin and member of the Jesuit Order since 11 March 1958. This Pope is the first Pope from Latin America.

Today also marks 187 years since Pope Leo XII issued the Quo Graviora Papal Bull a document against Freemasonry.

Monday 4 March 2013

While deteriorating the situation within the "French Masonic Confederation" project, GLNF sticks on the right path

Even though progress reached by the members of the French Masonic confederation remains under doubt, facts are showing another type of evolution. Loge Nationale Française left the project of the French Masonic Confederation. and the decision was announced by an official letter sent by Robert Guinot (President of the National Council) to Marc Henry, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France. The decision comes amid disagreements caused by GLdF regarding Roger Dachez, which totally unsatisfied LNF's members and leadership.

On the other hand good news for GLNF's Brethren. "GLNF is on the right track, says APMR, even if there is much to do to regain its status within international Freemasonry. Servel's election as Grand Master, the implemented reforms, the removal of Stifani and the fact that the Grand Lodge, once again led by Freemasons and not French civil authorities are considered by the Grand Masters in North America as a positive evolution of GLNF."

Quoting the same source, "Based on this decision, the best since the statements of UGLE's Grand Chancellor last fall, GLNF can start to prepare with confidence the celebration of its Centennial. This indicates that despite internal and external shocks received, GLNF continues to be a force supported by the Grand Lodges."

Grand Master Jesús Rodríguez Guzmán of Baja California greets the decision taken at the Masonic meeting in Kansas City

According to a statement of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of State Baja California (Muy Respetable Gran Logia de Estado Baja California), the decision taken at the last meeting of Grand Masters in North America was quite clear: the sole Grand Lodge in Baja California that meets the standards for recognition is the Grand Lodge is led by Grand Master Jesús Rodríguez Guzmán.

Raúl Arturo Gómez Mariscal
President of the Mexican Confederation

On the other hand, notes APMR, the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of the United Mexican States will now have to face another kind of problem due to its President's membership to the other Grand Lodge in Baja California. According to the same source, the Grand Masters of North America would like to see both Grand Lodges of Baja California reaching an agreement.

American Freemasonry suspends relations with Bulgarian Brethren and will continue to supervise the Grand Lodges in Paraguay

After years of struggle, Bulgarian Brethren will now have to conform with the reality. The Grand Masters in North America decided to suspend their relation with Bulgarian Freemasonry until both sides (Grand Lodge of Bulgaria and United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria) will reach an agreement.

On the other hand, in Paraguay things will continue to be supervised. Following the decisions taken in Kansas City, the two bodies of Freemasonry in Paraguay are aware of the following: the problem regarding the recognition in Paraguay remains open. The Commission for Information on Recognition is aware that the Grand Lodge headed by Carlos Quiñónez maintain a relationship with the Supreme Council of Paraguay, but the only Grand Lodge recognized by IMC and the United Grand Lodge of England is the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay led by Grand Master Euclides Acevedo.