June 2012

Thursday 14 June 2012

Anxiety within the Grand Lodge of France

Out of nowhere the Basel Declaration provoked a shock within the Grand Lodge of France, especially because soon will be held the Annual Communication and will take place elections for the office of Grand Master. Alain-Noël Dubart will no longer lead GLdF and there is, until now, no prominent name to replace him. In the context of changes this year, the Grand Lodge of France does not know how to react after the Basel Declaration signed by five European Grand Lodges.

According to our sources in the GLdF, there is a small "commission" preparing to start negotiations but the problem seems to be the election of the new Grand Master and also it must be taken into account the position of the Supreme Council of France and the reactions of Brethren regarding a possible refusal.

Also we are waiting for an official reaction of the United Grand Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of Scotland and Grand Lodge of Ireland (to be released soon or in September?!). On the other hand GLdF foreign and European affairs could represent also a problem. The jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines was invaded by a Grand Lodge recognized by GLdF, also GLdF recognizes a Grand Lodge in India, Paraguay, others in Africa and Europe, those from Europe composing the Confederation of United Grand Lodges of Europe (UGLE), leaded by a GLdF Past Grand Master.

There are issues pending the relation between the Supreme Council of France and the Supreme Council for France (US Southern Jurisdiction recognition), Supreme Council of Mexico (where SCF recognizes a Supreme Council) and so forth.

Monday 11 June 2012

Will Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg recognize the Grand Lodge of France as regular?

Without any doubt, the regular Grand Lodges of five European countries rethink their Masonic policies regarding France. GLNF is no more recognized as the sole regular Grand Lodge in France and not even as a regular Grand Lodge.

According to the Declaration of Basel (adopted yesterday by five European Grand Masters), the Grand Lodge of France (GLdF) might be the next Grand Lodge to be recognized as regular in the French Republic. We stress that GLdF was recognized as regular long before GLNF.

The conditions to start negotiations with the GLdF are the following: to continue to work in accordance with the fundamental principles of regular Freemasonry; to sever unambiguously remaining links with irregular Obediences; to respect the international customs and traditions governing the relation between a Grand Lodge and a Supreme Council.

Therefore GLdF must (if interested) rethink its masonic strategies not only in France but also abroad. This might be understood as the fall of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodges of Europe, ending relations with the Grand Orient of France, Feminine Grand Lodge of France, Droit Humain, Traditional and Symbolic Grand Lodge "Opera" and so on.

Sunday 10 June 2012

Deputy Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania resigns

In each country there are controversies regarding the titles and charges given to various Brethren after supporting a Grand Master. The long standing controversy regarding the Romanian Masonic panorama reaches once again a new level.

After two years the Deputy Grand Master resigned and he announced it via his Facebook account, with the title "A requested resignation." RW C. Vișoianu said that: "Today I have shown weakness. Due to problems including personal harassment I succumbed to the pressures of my colleagues from the Grand Council of the National Grand Lodge of Romania of the last months and I was asked to resign. Otherwise we are to be exposed to a public scandal that involves the judgment under Masonic customs."

The Deputy Grand Master continues by saying the following: "Out of respect for my Brethren who elected me to guide them in their work by investing me in the position of Deputy Grand Master, today, June 6th, 2012, I want to communicate you just a few things (...)."

One of the three things stated by NGLR's Deputy Grand Master is the following: "I will use the public communication channels, diplomatically and discreet as possible, but out of respect for truth - even if only my truth, because my access to the internal channels of communication in the organization was banned for nearly a year."

Ending his post on Facebook, RW Deputy Grand Master sends a message to his Brethren: "My dears, thank you for your trust and love and I hope to be understood and forgiven at this point in which I have not found the patience and strength to face these challenges."

Friday 8 June 2012

Sir Alf Ramsey’s Masonic apron to be exposed on July 2nd, 2012

The Masonic Press Agency of Romania announces that English Freemasons will organize a Masonic exhibition through which they will bring tribute to all Freemasons and their sporting achievements. The event hosted by the Library and Museum of Freemasonry will begin on July 2nd, 2012, ending in December this year. Sir Alf Ramsey’s Masonic apron will be exposed on July 2nd.

The United Kingdom is hosting this year the 2012 edition of the Olympic Games in London. Therefore the initiative of UGLE's Brethren is welcomed not only by Freemasons but also for all those attending the Olympic Games.

Mexican Freemasons demand to Felipe Calderón a Law regarding the protection of journalists

Protecting journalists, the guarantors of the exercise of freedom of expression in Mexico. This is what the Federation of Mexican Lodges demand from Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

photo: APMR

Jaime Chalita Zarur, President of the Federation of Mexican Lodges, lamented the existence of legal immunity for politicians linked to organized crime and corruption, as it freezes on the desk of President Felipe Calderón, a law passed by the Congress that seeks to protect reporters.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Monday 4 June 2012

APMR's Secretary-General attended Saturday the book launch of the President of the International Academy of the Illuminati

The event took place at noon (June 2, 2012) at Bookfest. With the title "Human knowledge. The physics of sociology and religion," the book brings to public attention the issues that led to the current skid control system of the world, and provides a perspective on the future regarding the global organization. The event was attended by various Freemasons from Romania, including APMR's Secretary-General and Founder, journalists, authorities etc.

photo: dignityorder.com

Most Worshipful Brother Giuliano di Bernardo is Past Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy and President of the International Academy of the Illuminati in Rome. He was the one that after the end of the Romanian communist era brought Light to Romanian Freemasonry, leading to the establishment of the National Grand Lodge of Romania. An enlightened mind and a benchmark of World Freemasonry, Di Bernardo is closely related to the recent history of Romania and Romanian Freemasonry.