Secret agreement in Cancun (COP16)?

Monday 6 December 2010

Secret agreement in Cancun (COP16)?

If you had to define the meeting in Cancun in a word, it would be: distrust. Many fear a secret deal that could alter or replace the Kyoto Protocol. Japan is viewed with wariness by many participating countries. G77 and China have adopted a common position at the meeting. Columbia requires transparency, and Venezuela ask for a more action from the United Nations.

Yemen and Egypt have demanded guarantees that they will not carry out secret negotiations and agreements. Australia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Bolivia, Afghanistan and Congo required the same transparency. The European Union representative, Connie Hedegaard said that the EU is concerned that the texts available on the desktop are not ready for signing.

On Friday, November 3rd, ALBA, backed by Arab, African countries and the G77 and China have confirmed that a group of developed countries do not want to sign a second compromise period of the Kyoto Protocol.

Source: APMR - COP16

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