Jose Manuel Collera Vento - Cuba's communist secret agent betrays the Grand Lodge of Cuba

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jose Manuel Collera Vento - Cuba's communist secret agent betrays the Grand Lodge of Cuba

Cuban Freemasonry goes through a difficult period, announces the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR). Jose Manuel Collera Vento (former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba) was a secret agent of the communist regime of Castro. Following this, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba, Brethren José Ramón González Díaz issued a statement in which he denies Collera's membership and condemns all his subversive actions against Freemasonry and against the Grand Lodge announced APMR a few moments ago.

Collera, praised by the so-called "liberal" Freemasonry in Latin America* and supported vigorously by them when he was expelled from the Grand Lodge, it appears today to be just a puppet of a totalitarian regime that not only tarnish the reputation of Universal Freemasonry, but also that of the Grand Lodge of Cuba, an historic Masonic institution of over 150 years old.

For his subversive actions, on April 1st, 2011, Collera received the highest distinction of the Popular Assembly of Cuba: the Escudo Pinareño. Although the regime in Havana has violated the internal laws of the Grand Lodge, it continues to interfere in its internal affairs, calling the Grand Lodge of Cuba to accept Collera as an active member of its Lodge. The Cuban Justice Minister said: "He acted as a patriot infiltrated in the dissidence." The communist regime in Havana called Solano Ramos Lodge members (in Pinar del Río) to readmit Collera. Ministry leaders have been interrogated members of that Lodge, asking them to reintegrate "agent Gerardo" (Collera's codename).

Jose Manuel Collera Vento was part of a program of the communists in Cuba that attempted to form a pro communist "parallel Freemasonry". Basically, it wanted the division of the historical Freemasonry of Cuba.

According to an article published not long ago by Diario Masonico (a notorious virtual Masonic publication in Latin America), it was said that about Collera that he only brings bad memories and that this "hero of the people" was expelled from the Grand Lodge for attempting to destabilize the institution. On the other side, Collera accuses various of its Masonic Brothers of being part of an international conspiracy against the totalitarian regime of Cuba, led now by Fidel's brother Raul.

*There are various Masonic organizations and Grand Lodges in Latin America (so-called liberal) that supported Collera's national and international activities. Some of those organizations are in Colombia and Peru. One can say that we could talk about communist cells in those countries, especially in Colombia where FARC's leaders are acting against democracy and freedom.

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