Grand Lodge of Angola

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Grand Lodge of Angola

According to an internal report of APMR's Secretary-General we find out that Angola is preparing for its first Grand Lodge. "We already know that in Angola there are four Lodges which consists of about 150 Brethren," stated APMR's Secretary-General for the Brazilian Masonic on-line publication Jornal Maçônico today.

The report of internal use and analysis for APMR speaks about the intention of the Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal to implement Grand Lodges in all former colonies, now sovereign states speaking Portuguese. All these Grand Lodges will integrate in the future the Lusophone Masonic Regular Confederation. The same source reports that there are Lodges working in Cape Verde (2), in São Tomé and Principe (1) and Guinea-Bissau (1).

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