Masonic Press Agency APMR: Policy statement by Grand Master Elect of Ghana, Most Worshipful Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Masonic Press Agency APMR: Policy statement by Grand Master Elect of Ghana, Most Worshipful Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI

Very Worshipful, Worshipful and Brethren All, I will start by expressing by my profound gratitude to the Worshipful Master of this lodge, Progressive Lodge No. 9 for giving me this opportunity to deliver my policy statement address at this great lodge.

In three weeks I will be stepping into a position of awesome authority which I could never have dreamt of when my godfather Right Worshipful Bro. J.K Acheampong, who begat Bro. Patrick Acheampong introduced me to Right Worshipful W.E. Offei, a founding member of Akwapim Lodge, who proposed me and Right Worshipful Right Worshipful Patrick Offei who seconded the proposal.
Having come this far I cannot leave the scene without adding value to the fraternity which has given so much to me. Before I go on I would like all of us here to take a moment to think about this question 'What can we do to improve our Grand Lodge?' Distinguished Brethren, I am very certain that you all agree with me that the charge of improving our Grand Lodge is a collective responsibility. 

My administration will focus on three areas for improvement

• Masonic Education
• Public Engagements
• Finances

Masonic Education

Every mason deserves to be educated, informed, tutored and mentored to the level where he will be amply equipped to hold his forte in any discussion about Masonry.

Every brother should understand and be able to explain the rudiments of masonry. It is only then that he begins to appreciate and enjoy Masonry.

It is against this backdrop that my administration has chosen to focus on Masonic Education.

We need to enhance our mentoring. The tools for Masonic education are manifold.

Grand Lodge of Ghana will designate Grand Instructors whose duties will include teaching, examining and correcting ritual work within lodges. Details of this will be communicated in due course.

Public Engagement

My Esteemed brethren why do we shy away from public engagement? In early February, I had the honour of travelling in the company of the Worshipful Master of Progressive Lodge to South Africa for an installation. At a private dinner hosted by a potential candidate, we engaged in a lively discourse of businesses recognizing our brand goodwill factor.

We carried this further with a meeting in Ghana and the result is a company agreeing to support our charity work with US$70,000 this year alone. Brethren this is a laudable beginning and I trust it will continue far beyond my term of office.

You will also by now have heard of the public lecture arranged as part of the installation program. This lecture which will be delivered by Bro. Prof Yeboah of Hippocrates lodge will be chaired by Prof. Ernest Aryeetey vice chancellor of University of Ghana who is not a mason. 

My administration will urge strongly that every brother recruits one candidate within the next three years. 

Management of Temples

In erstwhile Home Grand Lodge constitutions, Masonic Temples belonged to subordinate lodges. In our special circumstances and bearing in mind our incapability of running economic ventures we should start a debate whether our temples should be left to subordinates lodges or be registered in the name of trustees of GLOG. We all know the difficult financial circumstances at every level of lodge administration.

We need to think seriously of means of generating funds to support lodge activities and especially Charity work which permeates all fraternal societies.

From examples it is now generally accepted that the various national pension and social security schemes are inadequate to cater for decent living in Ghana we should be thinking of dedicated craft pension scheme.

The more I speak the less I have to say 11th May. I will invite you all to come administration with your suggestions.

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