"Templar Nation" | The story of the Templar Nation

Wednesday 9 October 2013

"Templar Nation" | The story of the Templar Nation

Archaeological Professor William Sinclair (Richard Dutcher) is deeply troubled by the recent murder of his dear friend Alfred (Erik Estrada). When Sinclair and his team unearth a 13th Century Templar tomb, he enlists his estranged son (Joseph James) who is a medieval weaponry specialist and expert swordsman, to understand the find. 

Mystery and danger quickly surround the group as they follow a map found on Templar sword. With the blood thirsty Plaga in close pursuit, the team quickly realizes their lives are in danger as they are chased into a mysterious cave containing numerous relics of the Knights Templar. Thrown into an ancient blood- feud they must navigate through a formerly hidden realm; following the ancient path of the Knight's Templar. Mystery and danger abound in this exciting adventure - discover "Templar Nation".

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