Former Chief of the Philippine National Police was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

Friday, 9 May 2014

Former Chief of the Philippine National Police was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

According to the Masonic Press AgencyAlan La Madrid Purisima (born on November 21, 1959) became the 97th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. Until on February 4, 2014, Alan Purisima was Director General of the Philippine National Police (Chief of Police). He was initiated on June 25, 1983.

Purisima grew up in San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur, being the son of a Technical Sergeant (Rodolfo R. Purisima), a retired member of the Philippine Constabulary, and Mrs. Josefina La Madrid Purisima, a retired public school teacher. After finishing high school, Purisima entered the Philippine Military Academy in 1977 and graduated from the academy in 1981. After his graduation from military academy he joined the Philippine Constabulary. He graduated from the Manuel L. Quezon University in 1995. Alan Purisima is married to Maria Ramona Lydia Isidoro Purisima and has four sons with her (Eumer Von Andrei, Rainier Van Albert, Alan, Jr. and Jason Arvi).

He is a member of Gen. Mariano Llanera Memorial Lodge Nr. 168 (Gapan, Nueva Ecija) having been initiated on June 25, 1983, passed on September 03, 1983 and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 22, 1983. He is a Charter and Dual Member of San Leonardo Lodge No. 386 in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija; Charter Member of Isaac Puno, Sr Memorial Lodge No. 401, as well as Honorary Member of Zaragosa Lodge No. 263, Palayan City Lodge 331; AR Lamson Lodge No. 290; MS Garcia Memorial Lodge No. 306 and Kagitingan Lodge No. 286 in Makati City.

He served as the Worshipful Master of Gen. Mariano Llanera Memorial Lodge No. 168 in 2005. He also served as Grand Lodge Inspector of Zaragosa Lodge No. 263 in 2006, as District Grand Lecturer of Masonic District RIII-D in 2007, and as District Deputy Grand Master of the same District in 2010 during which he was nominated to the position of Junior Grand Warden and overwhelmingly won during the election at the Annual Communication 2011 held in Davao City.

His labors are not only evident in the confines of the Blue Lodge but also in Shrinedom and various Appendant Bodies of Freemasonry. He is a 33nd Degree of the Ancient Scottish Rite Freemasonry (Cabanatuan Bodies). He is also a York Rite Mason being a member of Manila York Rite Bodies. He served as the President of Saigon Shrine Club in 2012 and the incumbent Illustrious Potentate of the Mabuhay Shriners Philippines.

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