Statement regarding Masonic Time's policy

Sunday 24 May 2015

Statement regarding Masonic Time's policy

Beloved Brethren,

After a long period of reduced activity we have answered to all messages received via our official Facebook page. Thank you to all of you. But a message from a Brother in Europe oblige us to give an open answer. In first phase, this Brother asked us why we do not announce the event indicated by him. In the second phase he accused us for being "Regular".

Well, there are some certain things we need to state:

  • We are not just Regular, bur Regular Freemasons, yes and we are proud of it.
  • We do not publish anything which is not in accordance with our policy.
This European Brother was referring to the Annual General Assembly of CLIPSAS, an international Masonic organization which is irregular, being composed by irregular Grand Lodges/Orients, whose lineage goes back to the Grand Orient of France. Except the Grand Orients of France and Belgium the other Masonic organizations are almost not important in their countries. Thus we do not want to promote such event and we rather announce the activities of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF), Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium etc.

We have published since we have started this activity a lot of news regarding some irregular Masonic organizations, but our main line of news/articles are based on the lineage of the United Grand Lodge of England and the AASR Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America (Mother Grand Lodge of the World & Mother Supreme Council of the World).

Fraternal regards,

Masonic Times team

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