Political persecution in Cuba reaches again the Grand Lodge and the Supreme Council

Friday 22 October 2010

Political persecution in Cuba reaches again the Grand Lodge and the Supreme Council

After being expelled the Past Grand Master (on grounds totally unfounded and unjustifiable) now, the Masonic leaders from Havana wish to expel another Illustrious Cuban Mason Brethren: Gustavo Pardo Valdés.

Gustavo Pardo Valdés (former political prisoner in Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz's regime) was Chancellor of the Supreme Council of Cuba, now being President of the Cuban Academy of High Masonic Studies. He is also a collaborator of the CUBANET (NGO supported by the U.S. Government through the National Endowment for Democracy).

On October 16, 2010 took place a Supreme Council meeting where it was decided to put under accusation and to expel the Sovereign Grand Inspector General Gustavo Pardo Valdés and other seven Brethrens. However, the Secretariat General of the APMR stated that the mere presence of only 11 of the 31 members who had to vote should not have Masonic validity. In the same statement the APMR Secretariat General considered political interference in the internal affairs of Freemasonry as contrary to democratic rights and believes the Freemasonry subjugation by the state as contrary to the Landmarks of Universal Freemasonry.

Cuban Masons are wondering why such a personality and Brethren as Gustavo Pardo Valdés is removed before the 2012 election for the office of Grand Master. Should also be noted that in 2007 (August, 2nd), when Gustavo Pardo Valdés should become the Sovereign Grand Commander of Cuba, there was political interference to prevent it. These are orders coming from Caridad Diego, head of the Religious Affairs Bureau of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba. She did not wanted to see Gustavo Pardo Valdés leading the Supreme Council of Cuba (in which he was, at that time, Chancellor of the Supreme Council).

Source: Masonic News Agency of Romania (Canchellery on Foreign Affairs) & CUBANET

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