The end is near for Stifani's GLNF

Thursday 2 February 2012

The end is near for Stifani's GLNF

After almost 100 years and on the basis of the already known situation of French Freemasonry, Stifani's "Masonic empire" - GLNF - is collapsing faster then ever. Isolated by almost all West European Grand Lodges and by some from South-Eastern continent, such as Turkey, GLNF receives the news of a new Grand Lodge ready to emerge in France.

Members of Stifani's opposition will found a new Grand Lodge, most probably supported by the French Scottish Rite and by some of the European Grand Lodges. Now, the balance may give Stifani some trouble... What if starting with the Grand Lodge in Morocco many African Grand Lodges will suspend relations with his Grand Lodge?

The interesting process of suspending Masonic recognition is to take an even larger scale when at the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, to take place in India, Stifani will not be invited! Therefore many of the Latin American and East European Grand Lodges will rethink their Masonic foreign relations with France. But the a question will appear soon: Will the new Grand Lodge receive UGLE's recognition?

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