GLNF & IMC in Latin America | A short analysis

Monday 16 April 2012

GLNF & IMC in Latin America | A short analysis

There was no doubt that the future of the IMC will change and it did. Last weekend the leaders of the largest Masonic organization in Latin America gathered in Brasilia to make a new step in their evolution as a 21st century Masonic body. There were surprises, but good ones.

Hosting IMC's General Assembly, the Grand Orient of Brazil (vanguard of Latin American Freemasonry as stated by APMR's Secretary-General) presides now the Inter-American Masonic Confederation together with Peru which has the Executive Secretariat.

Nothing unusual until now but... looking closer to what happened in Brazil we could say that the tow most important seats belong now to IMC's 6th Zone/Area composed of Brazil (Grand Orient of Brazil), Paraguay (Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay), Argentina (Grand Lodge of Argentina), Chile (Grand Lodge of Chile), Uruguay (Grand Lodge of Freemasonry of Uruguay), Bolivia (Grand Lodge of Bolivia). Portugal (Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal) and Spain (Grand Lodge of Spain).

APMR followed closely the Masonic events in Brasilia and was the first in announcing the results of the election process. Remains now to see when they will publish the Charter of Brasilia.

Continuing our analysis we want to stress that for the GLNF there are no bad news, at least not regarding the Report of the IMC (former) Executive Secretary, Guatemala's PGM. Stifani was Vice-president of IMC's 2nd Zone/Area until recently and his efforts in trying to organize a regional General Assembly in Guadeloupe failed due to GLNF's internal problems.

The new board of the IMC will have now a hard task in trying to repair all broken things in Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and most probably also in Mexico and Cuba and to motorize what happens in France. But surely with the diplomacy of the new Executive Secretary and with the administrative experience of the new President the IMC will manage to bring light regarding the stability and sustainable development of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation.

We thank APMR's Secretariat General for the information provided.

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