History of Kinyras Lodge #3 from Cyprus

Tuesday 18 September 2012

History of Kinyras Lodge #3 from Cyprus

Kinyras Lodge was consecrated in the town of Paphos, on 21 April 1923. The Lodge was consecrated under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Greece.The first Worshipful Master was bro Zafirios Malamatenios who was installed by Past W.M. Christoforos Tornaritis under the powers vested in him by the Grand Orient of Greece. The name "Kinyras" had been chosen by the founding brethren originating from ancient mysteries. Kinyras was the first high priest of the temple of Aprhodite and a great Mystic. He was also the mythical king of Cyprus at its capital city of Paphos. He had introduced the worshipping of Adonis and the ceremonies were similar to Egyptian, Phoenician and Masonic rituals.

The first meeting of the lodge took place on 10 June 1923 and until 1931 had produced substantial work including the establishment of the Night School for under privileged students and was also providing free lunches twice weekly for the students. The lodge was originally held on a building provided by bro Pavlos Kythreotis free of charge until 1966 when the lodge acquired its own premises at 5 Ermou Street in Paphos.

From 1931 the lodge was inactive due to restrictions imposed by the Colonial rule and was re-activated in 1937 and the lodge work was suspended by the government again from 1954 to1959 during the liberation struggle. An earthquake in 1996 incurred major damages to the building. Currently, the Lodge is very active, with growing numbers of brothers, producing substantial spiritual and humanitarian work.

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