The Grand Lodge of Chile wants to lead discussions for a new Constitution of the Republic

Sunday 9 September 2012

The Grand Lodge of Chile wants to lead discussions for a new Constitution of the Republic

According to a European Masonic source, with public meticulous techniques, almost unique in the first part of this century, the Grand Lodge of Chile became the engine and center of discussions, debates, initiatives etc., in terms of educational policy, social policy and even foreign affairs policy of the its own country. Since being installed, the former Rector of the University of Santiago de Chile became the locomotive of changes that began to reshape social and political life of the Republic of Chile, including its foreign affairs.

During a public discourse the Grand Master stated that "it is in our interest to conduct a proposal for a new constitution." He also said that the Grand Lodge is currently working to convene a Constituent Assembly and called for a plebiscite in this regard, warning that the country is likely to have some more confrontation and intolerance.

He said that Freemasons in Chile hold important positions in the country's political and financial executive offices and that they play an active role in the institutional changes in the country.

Asked about women and homosexuals joining Freemasonry, Grand Master Riveros Cornejo replied that women have their own organization and that it is following the same directions as the Grand Lodge of Chile and that regarding homosexuals stated that they have the right and that is no impediment. However he wanted to assert the existence of mixed Grand Lodges, but that time has not yet come; and maybe "in the future things may chance (...)".

The fact that "Freemasonry tends towards progressive ideals of the left, not right," Riveros Cornejo said that all these things are no longer relevant. In the same vein, given the acute crisis of state institutions and political parties in Chile, the Grand Master emphasized that the Grand Lodge plays a role in improving the country's actual situation, showing that even the President and the President of the Senate have acknowledged the important role played by Freemasonry. What he wanted to point, in fact, was that "we are determined to influence more decisions."

Finally motivated one of his first statements on the Constituent Assembly, saying that it must be made by the Grand Lodge because it is better to have a Masonic proposal and that this must not be delivered by any of Chile's political parties.

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