Swedish Order of Freemasons - Svenska Frimurare Orden

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Swedish Order of Freemasons - Svenska Frimurare Orden

It works according to the Swedish Rite and allow male members that must be Christian. In contrast to the working of the majority in international freemasonry it excludes believers in a Supreme Being who are non-Christians. However, a foreign Freemason from a recognized obedience of any religion may attend lodges working in the degrees I to VI. Foreign visitors to lodges working in degrees VII and higher must sign at statement assuring that they are Christian.

Svenska Frimurare Orden (Swedish Order of Freemasons) had its first lodge established in 1735 and the Grand Lodge was established in 1760. Under its jurisdiction there are Masonic Lodges in Finland where we can find more then 1,000 Freemasons belonging to the Swedish Order of Freemasons.

Spaţiere de la stânga la dreapta
King Carl XVI Gustaf - Gran Protector of the Swedish Order of Freemasons - offered his high patronage to the Gran Lodge of Sweden. During history there were many European Kings related with the Masonic Order: Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria etc.

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