RotaractMUN's report on Day 1

Sunday, 25 August 2013

RotaractMUN's report on Day 1

According to the Masonic Press Agency, one of RotaractMUN's main partners, the works of the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and Peacebuilding Commission have commenced on August 22nd, with the vast majority of the delegates present. The morning has been reserved for revisiting the Rules of Procedure inside the councils, all issues regarding the interpretation and application of said rules having been discussed and agreed within the first hour and a half.

According to RotaractMUN's Rapporteur Alexandru Anciu, the Councils then began their work on the proposed agendas: Security Council: The situation in Syria; Human Rights Council: The integration of indigenous populations in the decision making process; Peace Building Commission: The situation in the Central African Republic.

For more information on RotaractMUN's first day of work, please visit RotaractMUN's official website.

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