COP16 Summit in Cancun, Mexico

Monday 29 November 2010

COP16 Summit in Cancun, Mexico

At 10:00 am (Mexico time) began the official opening ceremony of the COP16 Summit. The event takes place in Cancun, the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, where representatives of almost 200 countries around the world are participating. After several speeches, at 11:10 am took place the presentation of a short film made by Willy Sousa, through Mexican children say they welcome all those present.

At 11:14, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (President of Mexico) stated his speech in which he spoke about the difficult period experienced by his country, he spoke of humanity's right to act globally and our duty to future generations. "Our relationship with nature comes at a critical point," said the president of Mexico. Mexican President's speech was a relatively philosophical, calling everyone's responsibility and the responsibility of world leaders. The speech lasted 26 minutes. Thus, at 11:40 am the COP16 Summit opening ceremony was concluded.

The main question of this summit still remains: Can Cancun Salvage the COP15 from Copenhagen? We do not know yet, but there are voices saying that COP16 will not bring something new for Climate Change.

After the COP15 Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, pessimism grew and there were many saying that COP16 in Cancun will bring nothing more than the last meeting from Denmark. We must remember that Rüdiger Templin (Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany) criticized last year summit. Brethren Templin asked all Freemasons to prevent Climate Change with a more appropriate behavior - by reducing energy consume in all their Lodges and at home.

Grand Master Templin was talking about a Masonic modern style of life. In his open letter to the German Brethrens, titled "The protection of the environment is a part of the Masonic modern style of life", Grand Master Rüdiger Templin was asking that all the German Lodges under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodges of Germany to introduce in their 2010 agenda the Climate Change issue.

The APMR (Masonic Press Agency of Romania) Secretary-General also stated a few days ago that "Freemasonry and Freemasons can not, must not and will not wait to see their Masonic Natural Temple - the Earth - breaking into pieces and leaving to the future generations a world in a natural chaos." Through the Masonic International Program "Save the Planet", APMR wants to make all Freemasons to react to the deadly virus: Climate Change.

Article of the Masonic Press Agency of Romanian on the COP16 Cancun Summit

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