Radu Bălănescu elected Grand Master of the NGLR

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Radu Bălănescu elected Grand Master of the NGLR

Courtesy of the Masonic Press Agency of Romania

Most Worshipful Grand Master Radu Bălănescu is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" (another Illustrious Brethren of the Romanian Masonic Order). He is Chairman of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery department of the same institution. Since 2007 serves as Medical Director of the Emergency Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu", in Bucharest. He led several research programs and has presented over 150 scientific works and is author of several specialized books. He also participated in several international conferences in Germany, Belgium, Italy and in the United States of America.

Grand Master
National Grand Lodge of Romania (founded in 1993)

Most Worshipful Brethren Radu Bălănescu (Past Master of the Dale Woodword Lodge from Bucharest) was elected in 2006 to serve as Pro Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania and, a year earlier, he was Expert Inspector for Bucharest Valley. He was the one who conceived and developed the Medical Assistance Program and has developed the NGLR Center pilot project to provide medical assistance for the Grand Lodge Brethrens. For the past two years and until now has dedicated his activity to the Scientists and Culture men Forum of the NGLR.

He is an honorary member of several Lodges in the country, including: Lafayette, Leonardo da Vinci, Novus Ordo, Pitagora, Cavalerii Sfântului Gheorghe, Cavalerii Luminii etc.

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