Dilma Rousseff: Freemasonry or not?

Monday 1 November 2010

Dilma Rousseff: Freemasonry or not?

Dilma Vana Rousseff (born December 14, 1947) is an economist, politician and President-elect of Brazil. She was appointed Chief of Staff by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in June 2005, becoming the first woman to assume the position. Rousseff was Lula's designated successor and the winning candidate in the 2010 presidential election.

The daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant and a schoolteacher, Rousseff was raised in an upper middle class household in Belo Horizonte. She became a socialist during her youth, and following the 1964 coup d'état joined left-wing urban guerrilla groups that fought against the military dictatorship.

Her Excellency Dilma Vana Rousseff
President of the Federative Republic of Brazil

After a presidential election we are always wondering if he (the elected president) is or is not a Freemason! In Brazil, the greatest Masonic Community in Latin America, with more then 160.000 regular Freemasons, a woman will lead for the next years the country. We can ask which will be her relation with Freemasonry? What the Brazilian Brethrens think about this? What will happen with the feminine Lodges in Brazil? For the moment we can not see further but certainly think will or should change in the following months or probably years.

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