Mircea Gheordunescu could have won the elections of NGLR Grand Master

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Mircea Gheordunescu could have won the elections of NGLR Grand Master

Courtesy of the Masonic Press Agency of Romania

Our Brotherhood can not function properly in a democratic and modern state without being accepted by the society

Mircea GHEORDUNESCU (born on January 26th, 1947, in Bucharest) finished the Gheorghe Lazar High School in the capital in 1965, after this he graduated the Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest, in 1970. For several years he worked as a teacher in several institutions of education (High School Ion Creanga and High School Spiru Haret), and was member of the Board of Directors of the two High Schools.

He was Director General of the Directorate of International Relations of the City Hall, later became President of the National Agency for Control of Strategic Exports and Prohibition of Weapons (ANCESIAC), with the rank of Secretary of State. On March 14th, 1997, he became Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), until November 1st, 2001. Later, he became Consul General of Romania (2002-2007) in Italy, during which he made an important contribution to the Romanian diplomatic activity abroad, being appreciated by the Milan Consular Corps (he was elected dean of the consular corps in Milan), the third largest in the world after New York and Hong Kong.

Mircea Gheordunescu is a founding member of the SECI Center in Bucharest and of the National Security Authority (NSA). During Romania's accession to NATO, Mircea Gheordunescu has made an important contribution, being responsible of the Chapter IV of the Annual Security NATO Accession. Mircea Gheordunescu is a fluent speaker of Italian and French, is married and has a daughter. He is the author of several specialized works.

Professor Mircea Gheordunescu was a member of the PNT-CD party (one of Romania's two traditional parties, revived after 1989, where he served as Deputy Secretary General) until 1997, when he ceased political activity. He believed in the European future of Romania and, as he said: "Immediately after the revolution of 1989 I knew that Romania should become an European state, democratic and modern and it has become my main goal."

Mircea Gheordunescu was initiated into Freemasonry in 1996 by Sever Frenţiu himself, the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania. A year later, in 1997, became a Master Mason. In 2002 he went into sleep since he was appointed Consul General of Romania in Milan. From October 17th, 2007, he resumed his Masonic activities, and in 2008-2010 was elected Worshipful Master of Sever Frenţiu Lodge. In 2009 he became Knight Kadosch in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (the Brethren is also a York Rite Knight Templar, Order led by Stefan Masu). In 2010 he was one of the initiators of the Order of DeMolay in Romania.

After returning to the country has been active in the NGLR Maosnic diplomacy, participating in several Masonic events abroad. Brethren Mircea Gheordunescu became Pro Grand Master, and from this dignity he ran for the of office of NGLR Grand Master.

Professor and Master Mason Mircea Gheodunescu expressed interest throughout their campaign for greater openness in the society and regarding the authorities, falling in a perfectly normal and necessary international trend.

Brethren Mircea Gheordunescu wanted that in his mandate to bring a breath of freshness and novelty of the Grand Lodge. He believes that Freemasonry must unequivocally support the initiatives of the country abroad and their contribution to the prosperity of the nation we belong.
Also, he wanted to promote the values of the Grand Lodge and the achievement of perpetual harmony in the relationship between the Grand Lodge and the Lodges of its jurisdiction, holding that the Lodges should remain autonomous, and the Worshipful Master to be a major landmark and point of support.

He believes that any action of the Grand Lodge must be done with transparency and all the Brethrens to be regularly informed regarding all actions. But not only the Grand Lodge should have responsibility, but each Brtehren separately. He wanted to put emphasis on performance, but also on continuity, saying that he will continue the good projects that have already been started by otherBrethrens .

Brethren Mircea Gheordunescu wanted that unity within the Order to be a priority, and the Worshipful Masters to become a pillar of support in the implementation of all the Masonic projects. Brethren Gheordunescu put so much emphasis on the field of communication, seeking implementation of formal channels of communication of the Grand Lodge. One of the eternal problems of the Grand losge, that of the NGLR Temple, was also on the list of priorities. Regarding Masonic foreign affairs, he wanted to encourage Lodges visit abroad and foreign relations among Brethrens.

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